Custom Printed Cable Markers

Marker Sleeves

heatshrink marker sleeves size chart

Pre-printed cable identification & date marker sleeves in a variety of heatshrink and PVC materials for bespoke labelling of cables, wires, pipes & hoses. Designed to your specification and made to order, we   will print any text, including serial numbers & logos on multiple lines & on one or both sides of the marker sleeve.


Custom-printed - single or multiple lines of text, one or two-sided marking, special fonts, logos, symbols and bar codes, serialised & decorative

metallic print.


Marking schedules - send your spreadsheets, lists, drawings etc. and your complete ident schedule will be printed, sorted & packed, according to the sequence of installation or into kits, ready for delivery direct to site.

For more information - Marker Kits


Added value - include your logo or branding for a professional finish, unique
to your company.


Economical - reduced labour & inventory costs compared with

printing in-house:


No initial outlay for printers.

No expensive consumables.

No training or set up time.


User friendly - quicker and easier to fit than other forms of
cable identification.


Materials – RoHS & Reach compliant:


PVC Cable Identification & Date Marker Sleeves.

   Variety of sizes, colours & specs of non-shrink PVC.


Heatshrink Cable Identification Marker Sleeves:


   2:1 shrink ratio - zero halogen, military specification

   & commercial grade Polyolefin.


   3:1 shrink ratio - military specification and adhesive lined

   (mil spec) Polyolefin.


   4:1 shrink ratio – adhesive lined (mil spec) Polyolefin.


Flexible quantities - no minimum or maximum order quantity.


Availability - standard delivery: 2-3 days, often earlier.

We always endeavour to accommodate urgent orders.


Quality - complete customer satisfaction is our aim; quality, efficiency and reliability are at the forefront of our business planning. Our entire

production is quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001.


Sleeve size and shrink ratio

  Heatshrink sleeving/tubing is extruded at a minimum, fully shrunk size,
    measured by the inner diameter (i.d.) of the sleeving, and then
    EXPANDED to the supplied (ordering) size.


The most suitable sleeving size for your ident markers will have an
    expanded i.d. which slides easily over your cable (hose, tube etc.) and
    then, following the application of heat by heat gun, tunnel or flame,
    shrinks down onto the cable.


Unless the full electrical and/or mechanical properties of the marker sleeve
   are required, using a sleeve which is bigger than necessary, will only add
   time, energy and cost.


For a uniformly sized product such as a cable, hose, tube etc. without a
   connector fitted, select the minimum expanded (ordering) size which will
   slide on easily (see 2:1 sizing chart).


For a product which is not uniform, such as a cable with a connector fitted,
   select the minimum expanded (ordering) size which will fit over the largest
   section (the connector) and can shrink down to the smallest section
   (the cable). If there is not a suitable size on the 2:1 chart, 3:1 or 4:1
   heat shrink sleeving may be the solution. If not, please contact us for

   further options.


Expanded (ordering) sizes below are minimum values – heatshrink is
   often over-expanded during manufacture.


Identimark can supply markers at any length to suit your requirements
   (or mark repeatedly along the length of a reel). Please note: there is also
   a slight longitudinal reduction of around 5-10% when fully shrunk.

Cable Identification Marker Sleeves

Image 10 Identimark Cable Markers printed to order including logos & metallic prints 
Identimark Date & Inspection Cable-Tie Markers printed to order & colour coded
Identimark Cable Markers pre-printed in 12.7mm 6.4mm and 4.8mm id heatshrink
Identimark Hose Sleeves pre-printed with multi lines & in two colours
Identimark Cable Markers pre-printed idents for distribution cabling
Identimark Cable Markers printed to order with multiple lines of text or serial numbers

*Although the standard ordering sizes of heat shrink are by the expanded inside diameter, for information purposes, the tables also give the approximate equivalent ‘lay flat’ measurement.

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