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Identimark are the UK appointed importer & distributor for leading manufacturer CTK Corporation’s HOTMARKER range of Cable Marking Machines.




  M-3E Marking Machine

Portable hand-held ‘hot stamp’ marking machine for insulated

   cables/wires, cable ties & PVC or heat-shrink sleeving.

Easy-dial character wheels of 11 facets - rotate to select up to 7

   characters - wheel arrangement easily changeable.

Tool length approx. 280mm.

Tool weight approx. 850g.

Carrying case, tube guide, 22w heater unit, 1 set character wheels
   included as standard.





  B200 Marking Machine

Compact hot-stamping machine for heat-shrink or

   PVC sleeving, insulated cables, wires & plastic materials.

Long-lasting markings obtainable with simple operation.

Identification solutions for a variety of applications including electrical

   cables, control cables, cable ties & moulded parts.

Easy- dial’ wheels or individual type & blocks.

Manually operated model B200M -suitable for small lot markings.

Pneumatic powered model B200P - suitable large volume markings.

Unit weight 11kg (B200M) & 19kg (B200P).





SP6600 Marking Machine

Automatic thermal transfer machine for heat-shrink or PVC sleeving.

Maximum tube size o.d. 28mm / flattened width 45mm.

96 characters including 0-9, A-Z, a-z, signs/symbols.

Approx. output 4,500/hour (tube mode, 5 digits, 1 line, 20mm long tube)

Unit weight 15kg.

Dedicated software included.

Stand-alone operation available.

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